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Mercedes Vito

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Enjoy on the road when renting Mercedes Vito

Enjoy on the road when renting Mercedes Vito

If you are looking for comfort and elegance to enjoy a family trip or adventure, this van is one of the best options you have: Mercedes Vito, a model that you will not regret.

This model is part of our fleet and is a modern manual-operated vehicle that prioritizes in its design of comfort and safety. It has among its features a side wind assistant that helps keep the car on its route and up to six airbag bags for the protection of its passengers, the electromechanical steering, a radio player and the adjustable air conditioning system or its automatic air conditioning for any time you should expose yourself. In other words: they are the perfect complements for the spacious interior where you will enjoy Marbella and its surroundings with your companions.

Where you want and at the time you want

Without leaving aside everything you know about the Mercedes Vito so far, remember that availability is a very important point. Our fleet has a good variety of models and also a sufficient number of cars and vans so that you always have options regardless of the date you contact us. While you decide to make a reservation this compact will always be available, worry nothing more about making the request, and we will take care of extending our service in the place and time indicated.

Most of the routes we offer at the time of booking can be made by this family vehicle or a group of friends. However, due to the size of the van we suggest routes such as Malaga — El Rincón de la Victória or Marbella — Setenil de la Bodega where you will enjoy beautiful views without the worries of traffic and places to get a place to park your vehicle.

The driver will find a diversity of terrains: flat, inclined, curved, but which do not represent any danger. Marbella is a great place to visit in any season, if you choose to rent a Mercedes Vito in Marbella Rent a Car you will make the experience unforgettable.

Renting this Mercedes Vito can benefit you in many ways if a car is essential for your daily routines, imagine how much more this van is for a trip like the one you want to do now. Just take a look!

Take advantage of the space

This van has a large interior where you can play with the load capacity, whether passengers or luggage. In case of being passengers, the maximum capacity is up to nine passengers including the driver, and in case it is luggage nothing else … you can include five or even six large suitcases, magnificent.

Lots of strength

The Mercedes Vito has between 88 and 114 HP which gives it enough power to move on any type of terrain regardless of the level of the slopes, the number of passengers or luggage that is carried in it, that’s it!


Another benefit is the load capacity of this van. There is a wide diversity of options as we saw above. This model does not deal with weight, because if we talk about it the Mercedes Vito has a load capacity between 1100 and 1200 kg including the maximum load of 150 kg that can be placed on the roof, with excellent performance since it is turned on until it turns off.


Of the main technological advances that this compact lends, you find yourself with its automatic air conditioning system that allows you to keep in your interior an ideal environment to enjoy the journey. And how not to highlight your assistant for the lateral wind which helps in driving to present a lateral variation in the gusts of wind, either natural or to overtake another vehicle offering a safer driving.

You have taken enough time for work, so plan every detail when renting the Mercedes Vito and make your trip the best of the year. In Marbella Rent a Car we are at your disposal to advise you when choosing the best option according to your requirements.

All the security and comfort that you have when renting a van like this one are in your hands, the wonders that you will find in Marbella will be an unforgettable memory for you and your companions. From Marbella Rent a Car we say: Choose from our fleet the exceptional Mercedes Vito, also available in automatic operation.

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Mercedes Vito - Marbella Rent a Car
You have taken enough time for work, so plan every detail when renting the Mercedes Vito and make your trip the best of the year. In Marbella Rent a Car
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