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Tarifa (Cádiz) is located in the southernmost part of Europe, very close to the African coast. This town is considered as “the kingdom of windsurfing” and there are also numerous prehistoric remains. In Tarifa, it is essential to have a car to comfortably visit all the charming places.

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Address Tarifa, Cádiz, España
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Sites of interest or utility

Tarifa, a town in which the sea and cultures merge, offers several tourist attractions.

Baelo Claudia, the current Bolonia, is one of the most important Roman archaeological enclave. During your visit you will find remains of temples, forums, baths and the Roman theater.

Castillo de Guzmán el Bueno, a castle built by Abderrahman III, is another must see. It is the most emblematic monument of Tarifa, where you can discover the “Arab world”.

Necrópolis de los Algarbes is one of the most important archaeological complexes of the Chalcolithic and the Bronze Age of the province of Cádiz. It has a set of fifty funerary structures and artificial caves of various types for collective burials.

Iglesia de San Mateo or Iglesia de San Francisco, which are two churches built in the sixteenth century, are also a must visit.

What to do in Tarifa

Tarifa has approximately 40 kilometers of coastline. Its beaches are one of the biggest attractions of the town. Playa Chica, Valdevaqueros, Los Lances, Beaches of Bologna or Atlanterra are beaches that have kilometers of golden sand and crystalline waters.

The great natural conditions of the beaches favor the practice of multiple water sports such as kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), dives and diving courses.

You can also do other types of activities such as climbing, hiking, mountainbike routes, landsailing, whale watching and bird watching, as you can see large migrations between Europe and Africa, or horseback riding.

In addition, in Tarifa there are four protected natural areas: Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, recommended for hiking, Parque Natural del Estrecho, Paraje Natural Playa de Los Lances and Monumento Natural Duna de Bolonia.

On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy the nightlife, in Tarifa you will find several clubs and bars that are located mainly in the historic center.

If the car is not delivered at Málaga Airport, the One Way fare will be applied to car rentals of less than 4 days.