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luxury rent a car in Marbella

Driving the same car on a daily basis can be really boring, right? Maybe it is time for you to try out something new. That does not mean that you would have to sell your old car or lease a new one in the market. Instead, if you need a luxury car for a special night out, a business occasion, or just a fun drive, what you can do is rent one of our luxury cars from Marbella Rent a Car.

You can use our luxury car renting service to rent anything from a G63 BRABUS to an Aston Martin Vanquish V12S Limited edition.

There is a lot from which you can choose. You can shortlist your options and then stick to those you are most interested in. You will be amazed at the different budget options as well. After considering all of the vast options that are given, it would be crazy not to give Marbella Rent a Car a try.

You can rent a car for many other purposes such as picking your child up from their graduation or driving them up to their wedding. You can simply rent a car for the fun of it too. Who wouldn’t want to ride a Mercedes AMG GT?

We have an exquisite fleet of luxury cars from which you can choose from, here is a list of the luxury cars that you can rent from Marbella rent a car:

Rent a car Mercedes AMG GT C Edition

Mercedes AMG GT C Edition 50

The GT C is all about performance. The M178 engine fitted in this variant is tuned to give you a total of 502 lb-ft torque and 550 horsepower. The GT C has all the mechanical features that are set to give you one powerful ride and gain you a lot of attention.

Rent a car Ferrari Laferrari 2017

Ferrari Laferrari 2017

The LaFerrari Aperta is a very special car because it is a limited model with only 210 units. It has a removable carbon-fibre soft top and a removable hard top. It has much better and efficient powertrain’s control electronics, the re engineered radiators make the air flow out through the under body rather than from over the bonet. New butterfly door angles with better wheel arches alongside the new carbon fibre insert allow the doors to rotate which looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a special car, chosen by people of special tastes.

Rent a car Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Vanquish S is fitted with the AM29 V12 engine which makes it a super beast. The horsepower is way up at 580 and it comes with a new aerodynamic package, making it smoother, faster and easier to handle. The Vanquish can speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 201 mph. It’s classy looks and sheer power are something you can’t ignore that easily.

luxury rent a car in Marbella

Renting a luxury car can serve many purposes and last a good impression on those around you. Just by spending a little amount of money, you can leave a priceless impression that can last forever. There are many cases where renting a luxury car can help you. Take the following as an example:


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    business meeting

    luxury rent a car Marbella

    Business is all about lasting impressions. The better image you show off of yourself in a business meeting, the better impression you are going to last on each and every one of the attendants. Arriving at a luxury car can make your image last as a powerful individual at the back of the heads of everyone observing you. It can provide you with all of the confidence you need to win your clients over and close the deal.

    A special dinner

    luxury rent a car Marbella

    One of the most important nights of a person’s life is a date night. You want everything to be perfect in a night like this and not even a little bit of mistake can be tolerated. So what would be the most appealing thing apart from your looks when you arrive at your partner’s door to pick them up? Your ride. Now, if you pull up outside her door in a Ferrari laFerrari, it’s definitely going to be an attention catcher. It can give you a lot of confidence boost which is a key feature to keep your game at the peak of itself. Going on a long ride in a comfortable luxury car can make sure you don’t have the slightest of disturbance at all.

    have an experience

    luxury rent a car Marbella

    A long drive in a luxury car can provide you with an experience of your life. Being at the wheel of a luxury car has a certain way of making you feel good about yourself. The amazingly comfortable heated leather seats are something you wouldn’t want to get out of. The beauty of a luxury car is as much in the inside as it is from the outside. When you sit in the driver’s seat for the first time you will surely take a moment to admire the elite environment surrounding you. Don’t forget the driving experience. You will be set to experience the smoothest drive ever. Do wear your seatbelt because the sheer power of a luxury car is overwhelming. All in all, a luxury car experience is one you shall not forget in the times to come. If you miss it too much after the first ride, you can always come back to Marbella rent a car.

    the best gift

    luxury rent a car Marbella

    We all want to do the most we want for the ones we love. On the special days like a birthday or anniversary, we want them to have the best time of their life. What would be a better way to make their day special than brushing it up with the luxury, beauty and sportiness of a luxury car? You can make their day special by providing them with something of an exquisite manner. Have them enjoy the comfortable rides and luxury experience of a luxury car as you take them to special places or as they enjoy it for themselves. It is going to be very difficult for the others to top the gift you’ve given to your loved one when the gift is.. Let’s say, a Ferrari LaFerrari.


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