Rent a Fiat 500, in Marbella, Malaga and Gibraltar
Málaga, Marbella and La Linea

Rent a Fiat 500

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28 EUR / day
Car Information
Class: Special
Doors: 4
Minimal driver age: 26
Motor: Manual
Max passengers: 4
Group: Grupo X
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Air Bags
Air Conditioner
Central lock
HD Audio System
Power steering

Rent Rent a Fiat 500

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Enjoy the renewed European classic Fiat 500

If you are planning your holydays in Malaga, Gibraltar or Marbella, remember to add the reservation of your car to fully enjoy your holidays.

With the versatile Fiat 500 you will enjoy your trip in a car that recalls a classic of the European streets, and its size is ideal to not worry at the moment of getting a place to park your car. This is a rejuvenated model car with all the blessings that new technologies can provide, and it is available in our fleet. You just have to book and rent your car with all the additional benefits that only Marbella Rent a Car can provide.

Learn more about this peculiar car

Its first appearance dates back to 1957, it was designed and produced by the Italian house Fiat until 1975, and it is promoted as an urban, cheap and practical car. This model is considered as a pioneer in the manufacture of micro urban cars, and they are ideal for congested European streets.

50 years later, since 2007, the new design recalls the glory years of this model, but with a clear evidence of the modern devious lines added to the new technologies applied to cars.

In our fleet you will find the newest models, equipped with all the technologies and amenities so that you have the funniest, safest and more comfortable trip. This attractive car has several features that were taken into account to be chosen as part of our fleet of cars. Important details such as safety, comfort and entertainment are part of the aspects that we will show.

When making your reservation, you can ask for all the accessories that are available in every Fiat 500, since they make up our fleet to ensure the best service.

Its interior ergonomic design

The fabulous Fiat 500 has in its interior a good amount of elements that will make your trip a pleasant adventure (Technology and ergonomic designed to enjoy an excellent trip). If you make the decision of renting this car in any of the routes that we have scheduled for you, it will be an unforgettable experience.


It has a capacity for 4 passengers. Its ergonomically designed seats give both the driver and its companions the comfort and convenience necessary to enjoy the routes that Marbella has for you. Despite of being a two-door car, it does not cause any comfort problem to get into the car.

Paramount systems

It has an audio system with touch screen and integrated controls on the steering wheel that will not let entertainment stop and your trip eitherthanks to Integrated Navigation System. It is also added its manual of air conditioning system that will provide a pleasant climate while you drive.

First hand Engine

Its small motor with downsizing technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, so it is perfect for your saving. Besides, it is not weak at all, thus it has a capacity of 85 hp and a maximum speed of 173 km / h which make it an agile and powerful car to comfortably carry your passengers.

The best options only in Marbella Rent a Car

You just have to call and booking your car, whatever the needs you have for your leisure or business trip, here we have the best models adapted to your needs. However, if you are going to stroll along the city, our recommendation is a model like this, Fiat 500 is ideal for its dimensions to easily get a place to park your car.

In addition, it is one of the cheapest cars for rent, and the savings incurred in its fuel consumption. Its dimensions are another advantage, it measures 3.57 m long and 1.62 m wide. It makes it an ideal micro car for areas with traffic jam, and it is perfect to get some space to park. Ultimately, Fiat 500 is an ideal option when planning the budget for your trip.

If you have not chosen any destination yet, we also have some options to offer you. Visiting La Peninsula de Gibraltar is a great choice to consider when driving this Fiat 500: You will undoubtedly enjoy its advantages.

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