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Rent an Alfa Romeo Giulietta

There are definitely cars that make you look great and be focus of attention, but there are others that only be to take you to your destination. Renting an Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a car one of the first type: It is an elegant, modern and full-sized car with which your journey through Malaga, Marbella, La Linea, Gibraltar or Cádiz will be like a movie… yes, we like to exaggerate a bit.

Two doors, central locking, manual gearbox, HD audio system, air bags, air conditioning and power steering are one of the most important things about this car in our fleet. Maybe you are not very interested in knowing the amount of advantages this car has, but renting of one of these models implies that you have to have a basic knowledge of it to…

Be aware when it comes time to go to places where you have never been before.


Cross members, bumpers, wheels, fenders, headlights and the entire list of the composition of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta are of exclusive detail. Few manufacturing industries are dedicated to bring to the market a car of such excellence from its interior to its exterior, and here at Marbella Rent a Car we have one for you.

At first, anyone can classify it as an sportive car, and it is not like this, it is not what it seems. Alfa Romeo Giulietta is ideal to go out in the day of traffic jam (it is not a common situation, but if you get to experience it, you will be able park easily due to the dimensions of the car). It is an ideal car for a day at the beach, and also for a special romantic dinner… every detail of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will allow you to be at ease, and for sure, you will have the best photos.


Diesel up to 175 HP; LPG 1.4 up to 120 HP, JTDm up to 120 HP are the main engines with which this vehicle works. The one that takes advantage is the diesel because the power is greater, however the LPG or the JTDm have a good track record.

Hitting the accelerator of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta generates an incredible sensation. Knowing that a vehicle is powerful and that oil consumption is balanced makes a perfect trip for anyone.


Thedriver and his companions will enjoy the sound of the engine when renting an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Five people can make the trips in this comfortable car. The space of the trunk exceeds 400 liters, so everyone will be able to carry out his luggage with peace of mind.

Front seats are wider than the rear ones, this is true. Because of the design of the car, those who undertake the adventure around Marbella, La Linea or Gibraltar and suffer serious problems of obesity will not have any difficulty with the interior space.


Desde el espejo hasta el sujeta maletas, el Alfa Romeo Giulietta tiene mucho que ofrecer. Pocos se fijan en los accesorios de un coche, debido a que piensan que el alquiler será unas cuantas horas y ya no más. Pero los apasionados, verán que: cada accesorio tiene un brillo, forma y acabado especial que hace un juego perfecto con el color del coche.

Tecnología: Cómo va el tráfico, quien posteó una última foto a Facebook, cuál es la noticia que se ha vuelto viral, atender una llamada importante o todo este tipo de cosas… lo resuelve el Alfa Romeo Giulietta con Uconnect, un sistema de infoentretenimiento diseñado para el manejo seguro del piloto o el copiloto.

El HD sistema de audio también es parte de la tecnología, 500 W de sonido garantizan el disfrute de las canciones favoritas de cada persona dentro del coche en todo el recorrido… y para recordar: el aire acondicionado o la dirección asistida, hacen de este coche el complemento perfecto para conocer como tiene que ser Marbella y sus alrededores.

Hay demasiados motivos para apostar por este coche, el alquiler tiene un costo menor a los 50 EUR por día, así que: No hay excusas para decirle “no” al alquiler del Alfa Romeo Giulietta, porque sin duda, es una de las mejores opciones. 

Rent Alfa Romeo Giulietta
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