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Rent a Electric Scooter

Move safely

With the scooters of Marbella Rent a Car you will go further, you will go faster and you will have a better time, but do not forget to drive with caution.

Respect the traffic rules at all times and finish your trips with responsibility. We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.

Know the position of the brakes

Brakes well in advance and gradually, especially if you go downhill. You can also use the foot brake on the rear wheel.

Respect the traffic rules

Give way to pedestrians, drive in the direction of traffic, indicate changes of direction and for the vehicle at stop signs or if there is a red light. Check local legislation on the official website of your city.

rent a car Malaga

Don't let your guard down

Do not lose sight of large vehicles, avoid driving through the blind spots of other cars and remember to always be alert. Do not lose sight of everything around you and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

rent a car Malaga


Aluminium materials

Net Weight



5.0Ah, 18650 battery

Battery charge voltage

DC 29.4V

Battery charging time

3 Hours



Max Speed




Max Load Capacity



20 degree