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The holidays are approaching and you already want to plan the details of the trip, but where are you going? If you do not have the destination, we invite you to visit Spain, come to Malaga, meet its people, the city and the spectacular beaches that the Costa del Sol are waiting for you.

And once you have chosen your destination, take a look at the important details prior to your trip, book a car at our offices near the Malaga airport, at Marbella Rent a Car we have a wide range of cars that are part of our modern Fleet to satisfy the tastes of all our customers.

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The Costa del Sol, a sea of possibilities.

Spain has many beautiful beaches that are worth visiting and Malaga is not the exception, the city is located in front of the coastal edge of the Alboran Sea, there you will enjoy beautiful sea promenades and spectacular beaches, we remind you to do your reservation in the different hotels and restaurants that you want to visit during your stay.

Likewise we remind you that booking your car to enjoy such beautiful places can be done through our website, Marbella Rent a Car has a lot of possibilities for you, different policies, services and cars so you can decide at your leisure.

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Another option to vary and make kilometers

Infinity of hotels, restaurants, museums, squares, monuments, buildings, in short a whole compendium of possibilities to visit in the center of the city of Málaga and its surroundings, all these places you can visit them with comfort to drive your own car.

You can even contact our offices to coordinate the reservation of pre-established routes for you, made to enjoy the best places that Marbella Rent a Car can offer for you, departures from Gibraltar, Marbella or even Malaga with beautiful routes, particular destination and a variety of stopovers that you will enjoy without a doubt.

Go ahead and make the best vacations and contact our offices and prepare the reservation of your car for your next trip to the spectacular city of Malaga, only with your company leader in car rental, Marbella Rent a Car.

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Alquiler Coches Málaga Aeropuerto - Marbella Rent a Car
The holidays are approaching and you already want to plan the details of the trip, but where are you going? If you do not have the destination
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